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    What to set to monitor/scan network shares

      I have epo 3.6 with Virus Scan 8.5i. I also have a windows XP environment where I redirect my user's my documents folder to a network share. I also have enabled offline files caching.

      I am trying to understand the nuances of how Mcafee works in terms of protection. On my on Access scanning, i want to leave unchecked the Network Drives option, so as to maintain a better speed when my users perform syncs of their offline cache with the server.

      Also, each of my user's has mapped drives to the same remote server, but in different folders.

      I have some on my staff that say, I am still protected because each time my client computers access that remote NAS where the files are stored, then Mcafee will scan that file, but when I read the help file on the On access scan settings, that does not seem to be the case.

      The NAS itself has no virus scanning, as it is an appliance.

      So am I right to think that my remote share is not being scanned when the files are accessed.