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    How can I transfer to another EPO?


      My existing TIE is integrate to a EPO

      But because of I reinstall the EPO, TIE are lost communicate.


      Is there any command or setting that I can Integrate TIE to the new EPO?

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          Hi tonyssbear,

          this is no problem and can be done easily.

          - connect to TIE using SSH. Type reconfig-ma to reconfig the McAfee Agent.

          - After TIE is up in EPO again, remove the registered server und add again. The latest version of TIE uses certificate authentication to the database.

          - Check the DXL topology under EPO Server Settings.

          - Check the DXL connection state at some test clients or start the "Send DXL State event server task".


          Now all should be fine. Hope this helps,