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    Report request advise - Monthly Infected PC Report and Weekly On-Demand Scan Report

      Hi All,

      i am using ePO 4.0 and i want to build up some report for management, can anyone give me advise!?

      1. Monthly Infected PC

      I will get all the event of not cleaned or deleted successful and group by the PC name to get the sum of the PC infected. However, I need to manually to count the percentage in our company.
      Did anyone have the idea to make the report? I had tried to make the tag to the infected PC by query the report, but the tagging seem only for the system report rather than the event report. After that I think I can get the compliance history to get the percentage value, base on which PC has the “Infected PC” tag.

      2. Weekly On-Demand Scan Report.

      I am base-on the On-Demand Scan Started, or cancelled event to finish this report, i had set the schedule job for run a report on Monday and get the last two day event.
      The disadvantage is, the record may duplicate, and i think this is not the perfect solution....