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    ePO 4.0 and VirusScan Settings

      Hi guys :)

      I recently installed ePO 4.0, setup AD synchronisation, Agent / VirusScan rollout task and everything went just fine.

      The issue I do have now is about tuning VirusScan settings on our computers : while I managed to find how to disable VirusScan AutoUpdate (using VirusScan settings within ePO), I m unable to find a way to set dedicated scheduled scans (Targeted Scans) :/
      Is there any way to do that using ePO ? Using .adm files ?

      I know there is ways to schedule such scans using "Client Task" but my concern there is what will happen if the client is not on the network when the ePO server ask it to run the task ? I m afraid it would just do nothing.
      Hence why I came to think the best way should be to set a "Targeted Scans" which will be viewable within our clients "VirusScan Console".

      I m sorry, I may be asking for very obvious things but I m only 2 weeks old in the McAfee world happy