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    EPO On-Demand reporting frustration

      :mad: So, I have made the support call and McAfee gleefully reports that not only is there no way to get usable reporting of on-demand results from EPO 3.6.1 but, I can expect a similar level of suck from the 4.0 version as well.

      What is everyone using to gather this information anyway? If anyone has a script they're running against servers and desktops to at least confirm that the on-demand.txt log file is up to date I would greatly appreciate it.

      Also, is anyone using any third party tools to get them the reporting that EPO is lacking?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Hi - wondering what kind of reporting you are looking for?

          I'm looking into this currently; specifically for the Run time for our weekly on-demand scan. Since it doesn't look like there is any way to get this information directly from ePO reports, I'm going to try to derive it by comparing event ID 1202 (scan start) and 1203 (scan stop).

          Oddly it looks like these events are not sent up to ePO by default (ePO 3.6/VSE 8.5) so I've just turned that on.

          If anyone has any better methods please share...?
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            Thanks for the reply.

            What I would like is just a report that shows which on-demand scans did/or did not run last night. An overall snapshot would be nice. One that I could generate per-group would be even better. This is proof to management that policies I have deployed are being enforced. I think what McAfee told me is that this data is stored locally on the client and is normally not reported back to the epo server...
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              If you're using ePO 3.6:

              Go to Reporting > ePO Databases > (Your Database) > Events

              Make sure there is a checkbox next to [1202] and [1203] (assuming you are filtering which events are sent up to ePO)

              Then it'll be up to you to write a custom query to pull those events out of the Events table. Not as nice as a canned report with shiny charts and graphs, but it works.