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    block all wireless communication rule not working in DLP 9.4.2 on ePO 5.3.1




      I have recently installed DLP 9.4.2 into our ePO 5.3.1 server and then converted our 9.3.600 policies to 9.4. I then created a new rule set with a "USB blocking rule" and a "Block Wireless Communication" rule and added this to the "My Default DLP Policy" which has been deployed to the test machine.


      The configuration for the Wireless rule I copied from here - McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to block all wireless communication (Wi-Fi) devices using Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.4


      The issue I am having is that the "USB blocking" rule is working fine but not the "Block Wireless Communication" rule. I followed all the steps including changing the Network Adapters Device Class to "Managed" in the DLP policy Settings.


      On the test machine I am trying to get this to work on in the System Tree and under "DLP user Sessions" I can see the Wireless rule I created under  Device Rules: Plug and Play and the USB Blocking rule is under Device Rules: Removable Storage.


      I can still see wireless network connections even when plugged into the LAN although my DLP "Online Reaction" is set to Block and "Offline Reaction" set to No Action.


      I must have missed some thing although I did follow the document correctly and the policy is working regards the USB Blocking rule.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.