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    Dealing with Google talk/hangouts traffic blocking ... and boy, lots of requests




      In an environment where we have audit drivers to block the Messenging category,  Google talk is blocked.  But boy howdy do we see a LOT of requests from web browsers (logged into Gmail I assume) trying like heck to make it work.  It really craps up the logs, and I wonder if it contributes heavily to our requests per second and sluggish performance.


      Curious how other folks have tackled similar challenges.  


      This environment does use a PAC WPAD file to an explicit set of proxies.

      I'm curious if blackholing clients1.google.com and hangouts.google.com in the PAC to use a proxy of localhost might be an interesting way to keep that junk off the proxy and not bouncing off egress firewall rules.   Not sure if it'd cause new and interesting problems though.


      Here's a Reporter screenshot of one particular ugly offender  who happened to be a Linux desktop user in the environment.  This was just for one day, and taken around 1pm.   That's a LOT of request. 



      Thanks for any constructive advice!