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    HIPs 8.0 configuration


      HI ,


      I have just installed HIPs on my clients and I need to add a set of firewall rules from SCEP to the policy but I need some advice. Can you tell me the best way to add the below rule to HIPs, would it be IPS or a normal firewall rule which would do this and how to do this?


      I have a lot of rules like this and I need to know the best way around it.


      Avaya One-X Agent - LDAP TCP


      Enabled: Yes

      Action: Allow

      Program: %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Avaya\Avaya One-X Agent\onexagentUI.exe

      Local Address: Any

      Remote Adddress: Any

      Protocol: TCP+UDP

      Local Port: Any

      Remote Port: 389,636

      Allowed Users: Any

      Allowed Computers: Any


      Thanks Inadvance