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    Help to Deploy EPO and VSE 8.5i

      Hi to all.

      I´m newbie whit this product and Mcafee.

      I´have installed a EPO 4.0 Patch 1 with Agent 4.00.
      I have put inside the EPO the .zip package of viruscan enterprise 8.5i.

      My instalation have installed VSE 7.00 in every PC manually.

      I try to install with client task the VSE 8.5i in some test PC.
      I deply the agent 4.00 in some test pc. It´s detect the 7.00 version thet are running in the clients pc.
      Create the task (execute now) to install the vse 8.5i.

      The 8.5i product doesn´t install.

      Can anybody help me?
      Why the vse 8.5i is nor installed.

      thanks a lotr