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    Cannot schedule full scan


      We have a scan scheduled weekly.  McAfee used to run a FULL SCAN at this time.  However, the last few weeks, the scan has been a QUICK SCAN.  We know this from the run times, it only takes about 11 minutes.  So, we have been manually running a full scan which runs about 1 1/2 hours - typical time.  When we know the scan is starting or has started, we do little or no work on it so that is not what is affecting the run.  We do NOT have "scan using minimal resources" checked.  


      What has changed?  The scheduled scans used to be FULL SCANS.  How can we get McAfee to run a FULL SCAN for the scheduled scan. 


      We are running McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, our subscription is via MSN membership.

      McAfee Security Center V14.0, Build 14.0.9029, AFFLD 420

      Virus and Antispyware V18, Build 18.0.9019, Engine 2675.0

      Personal Firewall V15, Build 15.0.9009



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          I have the same problem. Scheduled scan always used to run a full scan but is now running a quick scan.  My last scheduled scan scanned 21,000 files.  A full scan scans about 500,000 files.


          I am running on Windows 10

          McAfee Personal Firewall Plus Version: 14.0, Release Name: 14.0 R10

          McAfee SecurityCenter Version: 15.0, Build: 15.0.159

          Language: en-au

          Last Update: 14/07/2016

          McAfee Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Version: 19, Build: 19.0.160

          Last Update: 15/07/2016

          Engine Version: 2677.0

          Engine Creation Date: 14/07/2016

          McAfee Personal Firewall Version: 16.0, Build: 16.0.113

          Last Update: 14/07/2016

          McAfee WebAdvisor Version: 4.0, Build:

          Affid: 0

          Language: en-au

          McAfee QuickClean and Shredder Version: 15, Build: 15.0.121

          Relieved to see it's not just my problem ced2 Have tried to change settings, but with no result.


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            The powers that be changed the scheduled scan to do a quick scan instead of a near full scan. The reasons for this are I assume known to them. You are still protected by Real time scanning and can run a full scan manually whenever you want.

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              Thanks for the feedback. I wish they had adjusted the set up to let us know it had been changed to a quick scan - would have saved me a lot of time.  I have got into the habit of running a full scan after the scheduled scan has finished.  Thanks again.

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                Yes we mods only told after the fact I suppose it makes sense to have a fast scan as Real time scanner scans anything you install or download. It also scan anything that is executed.


                Good luck.

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                  Thanks for getting back to me.  Also good to know I was not the only one with the problem.


                  I will now continue to run a full scan after the quick scan is done - which is what I have been doing the last few weeks.  I am just more comfortable knowing the full scan has run.


                  There should have been notification that a change like this was made, maybe on the "schedule" page McAfee could have shown that what is being scheduled is a "quick scan". 


                  What would really solve the problem, would be for McAfee to allow scheduling of EITHER A QUICK SCAN -OR- A FULL SCAN.

                  Can you suggest this to the "power that be".



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                                 I created a 'Consumer Product Idea' in regards to this myself. Simply meaning that we as Consumers being more informed as to what implementations/changes that has occurred when a 'New Version/Build' has been released.  Consumers being more informed of changes in Builds, Features of each Version


                                You are more than welcomed to (Vote Up) that the Idea be considered.


                    Thank you for your input....


                    All the very Best,

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