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    HIPS Patch 7 upgrade issue


      Unable to upgrade McAfee HIPS from Patch 4 to HIPS Patch 7 manually.


      Tried downloading and running the HIP80P7 HIPS patch 7 update file from McAfee product downloads.


      Any known issues or suggestion?

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          I've actually run into this issue and been fixing them ever since our deployment last week. 

          Our problem is that the McAfee Validation service somehow got corrupted.


          Check your system and see what the service shows and look at the Validation Trust particularly.


          Our fix here was to run the HIPS ripper provided form support, reboot, then if MOVE is installed we had to remove it, then reboot and reinstall hips.  If VSE was installed we were good to do a new deployment of HIPS after the reboot.


          The "Validaiton Trust" is used by both HIPS and VSE.

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            Kary Tankink

            Make sure you disabled the Host IPS module locally before trying to install.  If not, self-protection signatures will block you from installing patches locally.


            Disable the Host IPS module:

            1. Open the Host IPS Client user interface (UI) by doing one of the following:
              • Click the product tray icon.
              • Run McAfeeFire.exe from: C:\Program Files\McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
            2. Click File, Unlock User Interface.
            3. Deselect Enable Host IPS (and click Apply, if using Host IPS 8.0). You see a status message in the bottom left corner stating that Host IPS is disabled.
            4. Minimize the Host IPS Client UI.
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              i believe this si only for local install.  if deployed form ePO Host IPS does not need to be disabled.  correct em if i'm wrong.

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                Kary Tankink

                correct; any non-ePO deployment requires disabling the Host IPS module first; ePO deployments do not require it.

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                  Hi Kary,


                  I tried giving UPGRADE task from ePO client task - Product Update task to update the McAfee HIPS Patch.


                  But still most of the machines are not getting upgraded to Patch 7.