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    pci vulnerabilities reports with a tenable nessus professional vulnerability assessment source


      download Nessus professional evaluation from http://www.tenable.com/products/nessus/select-your-operating-system

      will need to register with a business email address to receive an activation code like this



      activation code.JPG


      for windows 10 64 bits i did download Nessus-6.7.0-x64.msi


      executed it, entered activation code, created an user with a password


      created a new scan


      new scan.jpg


      a basic scan

      basic scan.jpg


      and launched it





      and exported results in nessus format




      to a public folder, my pc isn't in a domain

      and shared that folder as \\mi-laptop-ip-address\nessus

      admins total control, others only read permission

      carpeta compartida.jpg

      then added a tenable nessus professional vulnerability assessment source

      tested connection

      tenable nessus va source.jpg


      saved it, wrote it and retrieved scan results

      wriet and retrieve.jpg



      and played a lot the pci vulnerabilities reports


      pci vuln rep.jpg