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    MOVE MP 3.6.1 Locking Files 'Read-Only'


      Good Afternoon,


      I'm hoping someone can help address the issue as I can't find much support on this.


      We are utilizing MOVE MP 3.6.1 in a VMware environment, but now users are unable to save any document changes to our file servers.  They can create new ones, but saving changes in working documents yields a 'file is in use', or is currently read only/locked alert.  As you can see this is hampering production.


      Both the file server and workstation clients are using the MOVE client, and the issue appears to be widespread. 


      Looking forward to any recommendations before we have to roll back the MOVE deployment. 



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          Good Morning,


          Just to follow-up and close this issue, I found some documentation regarding MOVE MP and File Shares.  Through some other recommendations we have decided to remove the MOVE Client from our File Server, keep the MOVE Clients on the Virtual Desktops and I've disabled network file scanning.  All is working well after policy changes and restarting the virtual desktops.  Prior to the installation I thought that only DFS was not supported, and that a single file server would work.  However after learning about how the OSS scanning process works (below), it was obvious the file was getting locked on the server through this behavior.


          What is the impact of enabling Network File Scanning?
          MOVE Multi-Platform network scanning essentially comes with double the network impact. This is because it must first transfer the file from the network to the local system, then transfer the file to the SVA for scanning. Thus essentially the file is being transferred over the network twice.

          IMPORTANT: When you are concerned about performance, don’t use network scanning (even for traditional VSE). Instead scan the file at its source; if it’s dirty you’ll be denied access and no data will be transferred over the network. If it’s clean, then the file will be transferred. You’ll use less network bandwidth, and the user will see better performance.

          NOTE: The virtual machine must be restarted after enabling the network scanning policy.