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    Receiving "Too many connections from your IP" in our mailserver logs


      Hi all,


      We have thousands of customers who have used our service for many years and recently (approximately end of June) they are not receiving mails to mxlogicmx.net / mxlogic.net mailservers because of errors such as the below:

      451 Too many connections from your IP - See http://mcaf.ee/8pnuo


      We have made changes to our mailservers to avoid retries 1 minute later to 5 minutes, however we still are noticing the same problem messages at the beginning of this week.


      How long does it take for the situation to normalize? We send many thousands of mails per day to the mxlogic.net mailservers, so we're concerned that these are "aggregated" as opposed to the retries being defined per mailbox.


      Does anyone have any suggestion on how to resolve this for our clients who are not receiving mail? I did note the manual steps to fix this, but this is not ideal for our many thousands of clients who are not receiving their daily mails.


      Also, can anyone share information about this:

      "Wait for the sender to normalize and retry. If the event that caused the rate limiting has subsided and the sender is following well-established SMTP retry intervals, then the mail should eventually get delivered."

      How long does it take for a situation to "normalize"? What is a "well-established SMTP retry interval" according to Mcafee? Look forward to hearing from you.