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    How to remove encrypted material from external usb hard drive, encrypted with mcafee FRP


      I am assisting someone who provided their external hard drive to receive files from another party. The other party encrypted the drive with FRP This is a 2TB hard drive, only has 2MB left of free space. There are files with unrestricted access that were on there prior. There is no issue with those. However they only tally to about 245GB. The files that I located when accessing the MfeEERM.exe app now on there only tally to about 2.5 GB. I don't see any files on there that I can't access, I also don't see the files through explorer that were previously encrypted. The person I am helping is not sure if all the files that are unaffected are all the files that were on there prior to providing the hdd to the party who encrypted it. Obviously there is over 1.5TB unaccounted for and unusable. I know reformatting is an option, but I can't find any others. Is there anyway I can verify that those are the only files that were encrypted? I cannot pull off the full 2TB as they do not have the storage elsewhere to do that. I could manage the roughly 250GB, reformat and then transfer back, but only want to do that if I am guaranteed nothing else was affected. Otherwise, would be great to have options that uninstall the app, its settings, and the encrypted content. Right now, we extremely frustrated with this.