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    Mcafee EPO Database Tables over 60 Million Rows.


      Hi All,


      Looking for some advice.


      I am looking at upgrading our ePolicy Orchestrator from 5.0.1 to 5.3


      After running the installer we got the error message advising us to view the KB79561.


      After looking at the options and running the purge events and purged rolled up data tasks. We noticed this is either taking very long or not running correctly.


      We have since looked at the SQL Database and noticed the following tables have a lot of rows.


      EPOProductEvents 60 Million rows

      OrionSchedulerTaskLogDetail 60 Million Rows

      OrionSchedulerTaskLog 10 Million Rows


      We have manually ran a script to clear this down which is working, however I would like to know what causing this to create so many rows and how to prevent it logging so much. From investigation we found its logging 5 events per second.


      Has anyone has anything similar? or had any major issues upgrading with Tables of this size. Our MDF file is around 65 GB. and our log file is 100 GB