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    ePO disaster recovery snapshot recommended procedures


      I'm currently working to setup a proper disaster recovery plan for our ePO server and I'd like some clarification with one aspect of it.


      The product guide explains how to configure the disaster recovery snapshot using the server task which will backup some of the essential folders from the ePO server in the database. The product guide then suggests that we should set up another ePO server to which we will restore the backup of our primary server.


      Does this mean that we have to manually do a backup of the database daily (which includes the recovery snapshot) using the suggested tools (management studio or CLI) and then manually import that backup to the secondary server in order to be able to use the snapshot recovery option?

      And to do so, we would have to temporarily shut down the ePO services on that server while we backup the database?

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          Hi bblanchard,

                                  Here is the scenario:


          1. ePO Server task backs up an ePO directory structure to the SQL database. (dbo.OrionSnapshot). As you can see the pertinent ePO directory structure is being backed up to SQL.

          2. The next piece is your ePO database itself. That is why this is a two part backup. The important directories are maintained and everything else that is backed up by SQL or backup software.

          3. Between these two parts you should be able to build up the ePO environment that you had, that is now bad.

          4. If you utilize virtualization and perform regular clones and\or snapshots then this becomes a redundant task.


          Note: Remember that **** happens and if you utilize the backup from ePO and is placed into a corrupt SQL database you might have other problems to deal with as we always check our backups right? <insert your chuckle here>

          In the perfect world if you rely on steps one and 2 you are on your way to rebuilding your ePO system. There are other steps of course, but I think you get the idea.


          In closing, Depending on your backup software it may not be necessary to shut down the services. It is recommended that you do so that no further events or changes are collected during the backup period.





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            Hey Jay,


            Thanks for the response!


            Let's say that I come in to work monday to find out that my ePO crapped out. Our DB server and ePO server are all virtualized and snapshots (Vmware snapshots) are done daily and so. we want to revert back to Friday's snapshot.

            Should I:


            1- Revert the DB to friday's state

            2- Re install ePO and tell the installer to use use my disaster recovery's snapshot that I just reverted back to?


            Or should I simply revert to my vmware snapshots for both the DB and ePO server?


            Since the disaster recovery snapshot contains everything i need, would that be the safest route?


            Hopefully this makes sense.

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              The beauty with virtualization is that it really helps in getting back online quickly. As long

              as you have a process for restoring your epo and sql db at roughly the same time, your good.


              Using the db snapshot may not be required as long as you have a reliable vm plan. Ask your backup

              folks how long to restore both pieces. It is usually under an hour or 2.


              Make sense?

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                Yes sir!

                Thanks for the quick responses.

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                  Sorry to revive this thread, but does anyone know the best way to remove these snapshots, out sql database is now at a huge 38GB with 99% of that being in the dbo.orionsnapshot table. As our epo server is virtual we use their snapshot facility. Can the table just be emptied?


                  Hope you can help as I am unable to find any documentation on this.

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                    I would suggest that you create a new post regarding this issue. I'd be curious to see what the answer is,