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    Antivirus and Agent in a Enterprise Environment



      I'm a newbie in an enterprise environment and i need some help to understand the architecture of Macfee.  Basically we  have  two kind of workstation :


      1) Some Windows in a Domain Environment where we have ePO Server


           Related to the Workstation in domain the question is....I have to install only the Agent that we create with the Web Console of the ePO server or i have to install The agent and also the Antivirus Enterprise?

           From what they told me it seems that i have to install only the Agent but i'm not sure


      2) Some Standalone  Windows/Linux Workstation   in this situation we have other two case


           2.1 Standalone Workstation but in the Subnet of the ePO server


                 In this case What we have to install? Only the agent or both the Agent and the Antivirus? we can manage the the Mcafee even if the workstation is not in the domain?


          2.2 Standalone Workstation but in a Subnet where we don't have any ePO Server


                In this case i suppose we have to install the Antivirus that we'll be updated by Internet


      There is some guide that could helped me to understand how Macfee works?



      Tanks Giovanni

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          Peter M

          Moved to ePO for better support.




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            Look for the ePO Product Guide to answer your general questions about how McAfee works.


            There's a lot of discussion in your post about what you "have to" do and very little about what you're trying to accomplish.  If you want any kind of Anti-Virus protection on your systems, you must install the VirusScan Enterprise client.  The McAfee Agent is only for management of the system and installed McAfee products, while the VirusScan Enterprise client provides anti-virus services. 


            ePO manages clients through the McAfee Agent.  It doesn't matter if the managed system is in the same domain as the ePO server, or if it's standalone.  As long as it has network connectivity back to ePO, and the system has the Agent installed with the correct configuration (i.e. pointing to the right ePO server), then ePO can manage it and serve software updates, DAT updates, and policy changes back to the managed system. 

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              for the first question you have to create a client task to install the anti virus from epo server and then install the agent it will automatically install the VSE

              for the next question if the workstation are communicating with epo server you can fallow first step. if they are not communicating then you need to install anti virus only,

              the agent is only for communication with your epo server and take updates form your server



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                1) You deploy the agents, and after that you can deploy VSE directly with a Client Task from ePO.

                2.1) You always install the agent to manage all your endpoints, in or out your network. Don't care about the domain.

                2.2) If that subnet has ePO conectivity, no problem. If not and it only has internet connection, you can install an Agent Handler on your DMZ.