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    ePO 4.0 & AD Synchronization


      I have done an update from ePO3.6 to ePO4.0, because of the new feature in ePO 4.0, which supports true AD-synchronization. Currently I am managaging more than 800 systems using epo.

      What I want is, that ePO should update his directory regarding to the active directory. So, if a client or server is moved inside the active directory, then ePO should also change the location of the system inside the ePO directory.

      To reach this goal I activated - System Tree Sorting - under Configuration --> Serverconf --> Systemtree ...

      Then I applied sorting to some systems in one AD OU (organizational unit) ou=desktops.

      Here comes my problem:

      Some Systems have been sorted correctly but some systems have been sorted into Lost&Found, although all systems are in the same ou in the active directory.

      Why does this happens? How can I fix this?

      I did some more investigation:
      - I deleted one wrongly sorted system from the ePO directory
      - Then run server task AD synchronization
      -> Deleted system reappered in the correct directory
      - Then I started the sorting
      --> reappeared system again has been moved from correct directory into Lost&Found
      ==> Strange!!!

      So how can I fix this?

      Best regards,
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          did you choose to move systems from their original group to synch group??!
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            What do you mean? Could you explain? I am new to ePO4.0 and the product guide is patchy in my eyes.

            best regards
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              sytems > system tree>
              select the group you synchronized with AD

              group > synchronization type edit>

              on Systems that exist elsewhere in the System Tree:

              choose Move systems from their current System Tree location to the synchronized group

              save the changes

              and run the syncronization
              • 4. Active Directory 2008
                Currently im running ePO 3.6.1 across 4 servers managing about 12000 workstations. We have not used Active Directory Synchronization on the current infrastructure. We are now planning for an upgrade to ePO 4.0 and the client has requested we look into AD Synchronization. They are upgrading their servers to AD 2008 this year and im not sure if ePO 4.0 supports synchronization with AD 2008.

                Can anyone advise on this?
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                  I have set up ePO 4.0 and have synchronised with 2008 Active Directory, no problem. If you have an OU for your company setup (for example ACME), then be sure only to sync. with that OU, otherwise the directory structure is populated with ALL containers from AD. You can set exceptions but this is far from ideal.
                  • 6. AD Sync ?
                    Am i right in thinking that syncing AD requires just doing the following... ?

                    System -> New Systems -> Select your Options and under 'Systems to Add' and just select your Domain ?

                    Or is there an AD sync. Tool that needs to be run ?

                    Many Thanks