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    Central Management error on MWG (19261)


      Hi All,


      I have a pair of VM MWG each with two NIC's that are joined via CM on the same IP address space (no firewalls between them).

      Using the default port of 12346, I can remove and rejoin them together successfully.

      Policy changes do sync across.

      The software versions are the same.

      The time on each device is the same...(have set manually and used local NTP server).

      IE version is 8, and have the same results with FireFox 21.0

      Java is 6, update 24 and update 43 plus Java 7, update 5.


      I can see that port 12346 is listening on both MWG NICS using netstat -an | grep ':12346'

      I can connect to that port using nc -vz IPADDRESS 12346 as I receive a successful message.




      Periodically (every 30 -90 seconds) I get the below errors shown in attachment 1, 2 and 6, and then have to close the console and log out.


      The error shown in attachment 2 is expanded in attachment 3...




      1) Is this a Java issue?

      2). The appliances were upgraded previously by someone else, could this have caused this?

      3). If its none of the above...has anyone any suggestions to further troubleshoot this, as trying to develop policy on these boxes is a nightmare as keep getting kicked off...


      Any thoughts about this appreciated:-)