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    Computername is changing in EPO 3.6.1

      I have this strange phenonimon that by time the name of 2 servers in my epo directory are changing from name, the servers name are icts-s-xxx-n1 and icts-s-xxx-n2. On both machines the CMA client has been installed, epo installed VS8.5i.
      Now I see only 1 of the machines with the green flag, the other does nog give any information in the properties. Whenever I send a agent wake up call to the machine that has no properties and I refresh the screen after some time the names are changed in the Epo console, also the properties change. I get the same thing when sending the information by the cmdagent.exe on the client servers.
      In the server.log file I see this info:

      20080523162449 I #3420 EPOServer Receiving Agent public key from ICTS-S-XXX-N1
      20080523162449 I #3420 EPOServer Computer Name has changed: Old Name = ICTS-S-XXX-N2; New Name = ICTS-S-XXX-N1
      20080523162449 I #3420 EPOServer GUID has changed: Old GUID = 47DE07CB-987E-49AB-9BBC-1027059E277F; New GUID = F22B48D4-ED19-4B7C-8311-24747165AC52
      20080523162449 I #3420 EPOServer DAL added agent public key for {F22B48D4-ED19-4B7C-8311-24747165AC52}(ICTS-S-XXX-N1) successfully!
      20080523162449 I #3420 EPOServer Sending props response for agent ICTS-S-XXX-N1, policy files attached (EvtFiltr.ini,Policy\Server.xml)

      Why is epo doing this, it are 2 different machines.
      I already reinstalled the CMA agent on the servers but it is no solution.