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    Broken reputations exchange between McAfee products to TIE



      I integrated with TIE following McAfee solutions - NGFW, ATD, WEB and Email gateway.

      On one server in place to deploy TIE + DXL.


      I tested loading a malicious file through NGFW, download links to malicious file via the WEB gateway, sending emails with an attachment via Email gateway.

      At the same solution NGFW, ATD, WEB and Email gateway time integrated with ADT. Information about files and files fall into the ADT for analysis.

      But in the TIE have no information about the reputation of these files.

      In TIE is such information:



      There is one caveat - We do not have an antivirus solution McAfee VSE.

      Perhaps because of this that there is no combined solutions McAfee VSE, there is no information about the reputation of files ?