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    How to force caching of a file




      I have to make sure some specific large video files are cached by the Web Gateway in order to prevent high traffic on the internet connection. The url of the video look like this:

      http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ampache/play/index.php?ssid=xxxxx&type=video&oid=xx&uid=- 1&share_id=xx&share_secret=xxxxxxx&name=videofile.mp4

      I have to anonimize the parameters, sorry.


      Within the ruleset I verified the web cache rules take action (within read and write rules). But the files are always read not from cache.

      In the log I see TCP_MISS_RELOAD/200. I am a bit confues about the "_RELOAD". I did a network trace and don't find any headers like no-cache or similar.


      An idea I have is that as soon as the web gateway finds a ? in the URL it does not cache because content might be dynamic. But I',m not sure.


      Is it somehow possible to force a file to be cached an loaded from cache?


      best regards