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    Scheduled scan working properly - registry problem




      I hope someone can advise me!


      I have a scheduled scan set (weekly, same day, same time) which seems to start Ok, hangs at about the 500 file mark, then shows 98% and closes. My PC is Windows 7.


      I have run MVT and it found 2 errors. It said it had fixed the problems, but when I ran it again, it showed that there is still a problem with the registry. I have run MVT several times and it says it is fixed, but on running it again (after restarting), the same problem shows.


      I also have a problem with uploading Word documents to websites (job applications), and the Windows message  is 'Word could not create the work file'. According to the Microsoft website, that too is related to registry problems. All updates in Windows are installed (apart from the ones which makes installing Windows 10 easier) to date. This problem seems to occurred yesterday, as I was able to upload a Word file the day before.


      I have no idea if the 2 issues are linked or related. I am very nervous about making the registry changes that Microsoft suggest. I now they have a note on how to back up registry files before making the changes, but it does say which file to back-up.


      Thank you for your time in reading this.