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    Testing the Disaster recovery of ePO 5.x version

    som shekar

      Hi All,


      I am performing a DR test in my environment and I have question in regards to this, would request you to help me with my queries.



      Two ePO servers with two dedicated SQL servers

      Primary ePO , SQL(5.3.1, 2012)

      Secondary ePO , SQL(5.3.1, 2012)

      Both Primary and secondary ePO & SQL servers are in cluster environment and with different IP, Hostname and DNS.



      I want the replica of primary ePO in to secondary ePO


      Are the below steps correct to follow:


      Restore Primary SQL DB in to Secondary SQL server

      Reroute DNS of primary ePO to Secondary ePO

      once testing is completed vice versa from secondary to primary


      How will the secondary ePO comes to know that it has to connect to primary SQL DB instance, Where to modify these settings