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    Problem installing VSE 8.8.0 patch 7



      Yesterday I tried to install VSE 8.8.0 patch 7 from ePO in our enviroment.

      First I installed the package into ePO and assigned it to current branch and move the old one to previous.

      Then I created a client task that uninstalls the previous version and then a task that installs the new version.

      Everything works fine at first but after a few minutes the new version ( is uninstalled by the task that should uninstall the old version (

      And after a couple of minutes the installation of the new version starts again. And this is repeated over and over again.

      I have run out of ideas. The clients are all Win7 and the ePO-version is 4.6.9 (build130).

      I tried unchecking the" Enforce Policies" button but it didn't help.

      Any suggestions at all would be appreciated.