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    How to control different sd cards in digital cameras?


      Hello, I'm looking for a solution to control different sd card types that are used with the same camera model.


      We're using Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.3 with ePo 5.3 in our company and we're blocking all USB devices excepting encrypted USB-sticks and 2 digital camera models. For both we've created device definitions with VID and PID and are using them in device rules. It's all working fine, but we discovered a security problem with the digital cameras: Windows and DLP manages the cameras and the used SD card as one USB device. So you can change the sd cards like you want because the card isn't blocked or recognized as a card by DLP / Windows. In addition the sd card doesn't have a DLP managable property like PID or hardware class.


      Does anyone of you have an idea or workaround for closing this backdoor?


      Thank you in advance .