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    Distinguishing real duplicate systems from "fake" duplicates

    Attila Polinger



      we operate an ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1.2 server where we manage systems from multiple customers. These systems are placed in various groups reflecting the customer in a way.


      It may happen that two identically named system show up in different customer groups, e.g. a system named A is to be found at customer (1) under group XXX and at customer (2) under group YYY.
      Usually they are totally different systems, with totally different McAfee Agent versions, IP-s and other properties, only their names are identical (no issue with that). they are "duplicated ones" but not real duplicates. Further they seem to communicate normally


      And we of course have real duplicate systems within a customer node set under the same group. We strive to eliminate them. However, ePO cannot really ignore fake duplicates from real duplicates.


      When we write a query, with a filter condition like this:


      Group name - contains - (XXX)


      System Name - Is duplicated


      this effectively lists both real and fake duplicates, ignoring that we only want to see if a system is duplicated within a group whose name includes the (XXX) string.


      Is there a way to write a query (or import one) that fixes this erroneous behaviour?