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    EPo4 and Child Domains

      hi all,
      I administrate a network that has 6 Child domains and newly purchased EPO 4 and VS 8.5
      What is the best design that i can implement?
      my child domains are connected via leased line.and every child has approximately 50 clients.

      THX in advance
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          No one wants to help me?
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            pick one machine at each site to act as a distributed repository and set this up (dont forget to make sure this machine is left on)
            set each site to default to its own repos before they check the main epo install (do this via the agent policy)
            assign the different agent policies to each site.
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              Hi tonyb99;

              Thx for your reply.would you please explain more because i am beginner in EPO 4.
              Excuse me tony at first time i want to install the VS for Main DC is should install it by EPO or that is independent of epo and no difference.
              Explain more please because the Epo production guide dont explain excellent.

              THX in Advance.
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                Where are you based steward?
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                  Excuse me tony My english is not so good.
                  what do you mean?

                  Again excuse me.
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                    Your IP identifies you as being located in a US embargoed country which prevents you from purchasing or receiving support from Mcafee.

                    Please see the below statement from Mcafee:

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                      Excuse me tony I think this forum is out of Politics.and is a Scientific.Is not it?
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                        Its a matter of US federal law, the company cannot provide products or support under US law and this forum is run by mcafee.
                        The terms and conditions of using this forum prevent anyone from providing support to anyone in embargoed/sanctioned countries.

                        Nothing personal m8

                        Locking this thread now