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      I'm back into setting up ePO for our company. I've been able to pour over the remaining notes I had and am now filling in the blanks lol.


      I've got ePO setup and configured (5.3.0 b400). I've successfully deployed VSE 8.8.0 using Product Deployment. I also did the same thing for HIPS, and went back in and set HIPS/General, Client UI to Show Tray Icon. I can see HIPS in the Programs and Features on each system.


      I don't see it in the Agent Status tray icon or near it. Am I missing something?

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          Ok, so I'm more confused. Two systems in my test group have the same policies etc. One has VSE in taskbar and both VSE and HIPS are installed. The other has the Agent in taskbar and only HIPS installed.

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            can u share how u configured and applied the policies

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              I've basically used the My Defaults with a tweak here and there. Did find out that uninstalling and pushing VSE/HIPS to the clients corrected part of it. The other part I needed to allow McAfee to not block itself, under "On-Access Default Processes Policies" added "C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MCAFEE\VIRUSSCAN ENTERPRISE\X64\*". So far things are working.