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    Reporting/Event Log/format ePO4.0

      OK, I know it's a little thing, but it's annoying...

      Reporting/Event Log/ in ePO 4.0:

      One of the fields is "Event Generated Time (UTC)"...is there a way to change this to Local Time?

      I thought I saw a "Local Time"/"UTC" drop-down menu somewhere, but now I can't find it.

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          i also want to know how to fix it! this is too trouble to think the event time....
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            yap that's right, where can we configure the EPO 4.0server to local time so that I could generate real time events. Im in GMT+8:00 timezone.
            The lower version of EPO(ePO3.6) can obtain local time events, in ePO 4.0 what can we do to configure it in local time.
            Hope for the Mcafee team to help us about this matters.
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              AFAIK this is not possible and would also create an inconsistent reporting if you have clients in several different timezones.
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                I agree that the "event" could cause some confusion for those administrators working across multiple time zones but I don't think it should be that difficult to have GMT as an optional column if needed as opposed to many administrators having an idea what time zone they're working in. All of the other posted events/reports/logs would be in local time zones and many admins are only checking on a single or multiple sites in the same region.

                I would really like to know a fix for this. I am a single site and the entire rest of the interface works in local time, except one of the most crucial which is the Event Log of all things. McAfee, got a patch or a .1 release on the horizon for this?
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                  Any resolution to this? I don't have other clients in different time zones so I could care less. I'd like to see the time stamps set for my own time zone.
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                    This is an old thread, but I was hoping that there is finally a fix for this problem. It would be very useful to see local times.

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                      Yep pal. this is an old thread.. but it will be helpful if the Mcafee team can produce solution or technical instaructions to solve this. lower versions of EPO can be configured into different timezones.. Cheers!

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                        Looks like this is is fixed in ePO 4.6 (currently in beta.) It allows you to select the local time of the event rather than the UTC time.


                        HTH -



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                          Thanks Pal for the info. BTW... I'm not into handling EPO server anymore, I already working to the other company. ^_^... Cheers all Mcafee users!