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    Money for nothing ? (Moderator insertion: not strictly true)


      Latest testresult of antivirus vendors shows not a good result for McAfee. For a premiumpriced software like McAfee you should expect a much better result than this. McAfee is in the bottom of all tested software. That´s not uplifting. I hope that McAfee make an effort to be in the top of the list instead. And not be beaten by a free softwares like Microsofts own which had been described that next intil useless. Check it out here.AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Real World Protection Test Overview

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          Peter M

          Next time the results could be totally different.  I've seen McAfee/Intel gain an almost 100% score as little as 6 months ago, and a lot also depends on the parameters they are using at that moment in time.

          I'm not an employee, only an unpaid volunteer here so am neutral. but must say that McAfee have always done a great job and I am sure they always will under the Intel banner.

          I would scout around for some more test results.

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            I usually looks at AV-test org or AV-comparatives two of the best known independent testers of antivirus-software. The link I provided is AV-comparatives real world protection test which shows how well the different products detects malware in situations that an ordinary user confronts. McAfee internet security suite don´t get top results there far from it. You could check out AV-test latest test as well it´s not a good result there either. I use Mcafee myself and have done so on one of my pc:s since 2010. And i´m not saying it´s a bad product it have many nice features which I appreciate. But my number one feature of a security software should be its detection rate not the sometimes unnecessary other features. So what I´m hoping for is that McAfee will be side by side with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avira, Trend Micro who almost in every test get top results. I know that it´s like cursing in church when you direct criticism in forums like this. But the topic is General discussion so I think it´s appropriate to do so here. Last but not least when a product detects less than Microsofts security software it is not good. And there are other free softwares out there which in almost every test get better or at least the same detction rate than McAfee.

            Best regards


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              Peter M

              I wish I could remember which poll it was that showed McAfee as the best

              I see they are using "McAfee Internet Security 18.0,"  which I think refers to the actual antivirus version, that is the latest.

              They all protect against millions of bad threats and often it comes down to personal preferences.

              The best protection is practising safe surfing anyway.

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                Well it seems like Intel considering to sell out the intel security Mc Afee brand according to Financial Times. We´ll see how it works out.


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                  Peter M

                  Well I know no more than you, so wait and see I guess.

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                    Peter M

                    BTW to quote the AV test itself:

                    We would like to point out that while some products

                    may sometimes be able to reach 100% protection

                    rates in a test, it does not mean that these products

                    will always protect against all threats on the

                    web. It just means that they were able to block 100%

                    of the widespread malicious samples used in a


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                      Of course that´s a fact. I just wanted to point out that if you look at test results achieved by McAfee tested by those two testers I refered to and if you look at results achieved in different months, the products I mentioned in almost every test scores a 100% or almost 100 %. And that my hope is that McAfee vill be among them in the future. I mean If Microsoft "out of the box" in the May test scores 97,7% and McAfee scores 95,4% in the same test I consider it money for nothing. And yes testresults differ from month to month but McAfee almost in every test scores between 95-96% with a low of 93%. Mcafee have many great functions it is easy to handle and so on. And if I didn´t liked it I certainly would choose another product and maybe I would have done that if it wasn´t preinstalled when I bought that computer I did so on my other laptop. That said, the top feature of the security product shold be just security. And therefore I would like McAfee side by side by the other top products.

                      Hopefully I haven´t created any bad feelings by pointing this out. And I would also ad that I think that you and others doing a great job in this forum.

                      And when it comes to Intel, big changes is taken place there so as you point out future will tell. And when pc manufacturers move away from pre-installed thirdparty programs you may give it a thought how it will affect for instance McAfee.


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                        Peter M

                        Who knows where they'll be.  ;-)

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                          I realy don´t know what it is that isn´t true? One product gets a lower score than McAfee in the test I refer to and one scores the same. Of 19 products McAfee is one of three with the lowest results. And yes you get other features in McAfee when you pay for it. Many of them good. So yes you get something for your money. But as I said those features you can live without, if you get a better detection rate and not be beaten by Microsoft ,that´s a shame.

                          Now I consider this topic closed as for me.