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    DLP 9.4 Patch 2 build


      HI All, we are seeing some of our outlook clients freezing and getting an error message that the McAfee DLP Outlook Addin is generating problems and asking to disable it. Some are just hanging briefly. We had a debug setup to monitor the crashing and found fcplou.dll is hanging. Just wondering is anyone else detecting this running DLP 9.4? We have not been able to detect exactly what is triggering the freezing as all clients are behaving differently. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues using this version of DLP. Some outlook client are not experiencing any issues so its been hard to troubleshoot this one. Any help be great thanks

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            Yes. We are having the same issues (even with 9.4.1)

            I've made a SR ticket to McAfee Support. They asked me to provide log files, MER files etc., but since MER hang for one and a half hour, I didn't get any results from it.

            Updating to 9.4.2 didn't solve the issue.


            Unfortunately McAfee supports claims that they cannot help unless we could provide full log-file list + dumps + anything else there.

            But the main problem is replicating the issue.

            In our case we can replicate the issue 100% on one computer .. but that means stealing couple of hours of working time of our employee which is no acceptable.



            So right now we have mandated DLP addin for outlook in GPO. So neither Outlook, neither user is able to disable the DLP addin.

            By design, if an addin attached to outlook causes errors, outlook disables it automatically. disabled DLP addinn means, than e-mails are not checked against dlp policy.

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              Thank you we also have a call logged and there has been a few requests for logs. If I get any information on this I will post it.