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    Download TIE Server




      where can i find the TIE Server to download?

      We have the EPS Suite and in our download area we can´t find the TIE Server.

      We downloaded the DXL Broker and the Client without problems.

      Do we have the wrong license?

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          Hi nofear123,

          do you have several GRANT Numbers? Threat Intelligence (TIE) is completely missing. You should contact your sales representative. From my point of information TIE is not included in the EPS suite.


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            I have the same problem,


            we have the licence "Complete Endpoint Protection Business"

            I do not find the downloading of the install,

            on EPO or with grant number


            I contacted the support McAfee,

            they think licence is normally good,

            but they have no solution to offer me


            Do you have an idea ?

            My licence is wrong?

            The support has made a mistake ?


            Thank for your help.

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              Hi all,

              have you asked your local McAfee representative? They should check this for you.

              I checked the suite in the partner portal, yes, Threat Intelligence should be included...


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                hello Troja,

                Just to be on the safe side.


                TIE server is not included in DXL 3.0 now ?

                It is a separate product  to have in the list?

                I'm not looking for anything...



                Best regard.

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                  secpro m

                  Hello geoffre_y

                  TIE Grant number is different and sales team is not adding in Endpoint suite. Check with your SAM, he may assist you by checking their repository internally about your project details.


                  We have ++ grant numbers. Better contact McAfee SAM - Account Manager.


                  Platinum support are not aware about the grant numbers, only SAM can help you.

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                    Your TIE server OVA can be configured/deployed as a combined TIE Server and DXL Broker but the DXL OVA can only be configured/deployed as a DXL Broker.


                    As for downloading - "McAfee Threat Intelligence..." should be listed under Endpoint Security.  As others have indicated speak to your SAM.