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    DLP is not blocking file upload to hotmail (mail.live.com) in Google Chrome


      Hello everyone!


      My current environment: Agent:, DLP extension IE version: 11. Google Chrome version 49


      I have web post protection rules that blocks any file which is larger than 5 KB to be uploaded (or webposted) to any URL except whitelisted URLs.


      1) Why 5 Kb? 5Kb is because when blocking ANY data, then it is not even possible to open for example GMail or other pages to READ the content. So 5 KB is working fine.

      2) This protection rule is working fine with IE and Google Chrome.

      3) Recently I noticed, that in Google Chrome it is possible to go to Hotmail (now it is mail.live.com) and create an e-mail, attach files and the files are successfully uploaded. No blockings, no warnings. At the same time in different tab of the same Google Chrome file upload is blocked in GMail. On Internet Explorer blocking is ok in both sites - GMail and Hotmail (mail.live.com)

      4) File uploads which are not blocked in Chrome doesn't appear in Incident manager in ePO console.


      So - the questions are:

      1) how to fix this?

      2) Is Hotmail using totally different technique to upload files?

      3) is anybody experiencing similar issues?

      4) are there any other knows sites out there with similar issues?


      Thank you in advance!


      Best regards,