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    [INFO] AntiVirus Plus Setting Causing Windows 10 to Wake Up Soon After Sleeping


      Hi guys,


      I'd just like to share a problem/solution I had with a AntiVirus Plus setting just in case other people are facing the same issue.


      My PC was waking up soon after (less than a minute) after going to sleep.


      I tried many things to discover what was causing that:

      - Run the command "powercfg -lastwake" that didn't return any wake cause

      - Disabled Windows automatic maintenance

      - Disabled wake timers

      - Disallowed every device that could be waking up the PC in Device Manager

      - Checked if any task in Task Scheduler was the cause


      None of these solved the problem and Event Viewer was showing the following log:


      The system has returned from a low power state.


      Sleep Time: 2016-06-19T02:39:06.063958600Z

      Wake Time: 2016-06-19T02:40:07.256904800Z


      Wake Source: Unknown


      As Event Viewer was also logging some entries from McAfee Service Controller, I started checking if any McAfee AntiVirus Plus setting was the root cause. And it was.




      1) Right-click McAfee icon and select Change settings > View all settings



      2) Then expand General Settings and uncheck the following checkbox




      By doing that, the PC stopped waking up.


      I just don't know if the problem has to do with Windows 10 or it happens to any other version of Windows.