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    Problem Install Mcafee Live Safe




      Im trying to install Mcafee Live safe on my computer but I unable to do it. I bought my computer some weeks ago and I have had a free mcafee version for 1 month. Now the suscription expired but I cant install Mcafee live safe (I bought this version). Once I install the software a pop up window comes up saying that before installing this version I need to restart my computer. The problem is that I restart my computer but nothing happens. I dont have other antivirus on my computers, except Windows defender.

      I have Windows 10

      1. I dont know what to do   Im not an expert in computers..some help?
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          Peter M

          Windows 10 needs to have its Fast Startup/Hybrid Boot turned off to enable it to effectively restart, otherwise it merely goes into and out of hibernation.

          It wont adversely effect anything to be turned off.

          Tutorial here:  Windows 10 Forums

          Also the old software may not be properly uninstalled so try running the cleanup tool from here: MCPR


          Then try your installation.