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    Several 2GB log files?


      I recently ran a file/folder size scan on my Win7 x64 PC which has McAfee LiveSafe, and noticed that I have several 1.94GB .log files in some McAfee folders - here are the locations:

      1)   C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MSC\Logs\D7FB805D-8827-4A38-8241-340B5D18D9F7.log

      2)   C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\McAfee\MSC\Logs\D7FB805D-8827-4A38-8241-340B5D18D9F7.log

      3)   C:\Users\All Users\McAfee\MSC\Logs\D7FB805D-8827-4A38-8241-340B5D18D9F7.log

      That's about 6GB! Anybody know what these are, whether they can be shrunk? My drive is somewhat limnited in space currently, and I'd like to free up some room... Also, just FYI none of those locations/files show up in my Registry anywhere...

      Thanks folks!@