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    True Key Sync Issue


      True Key is supposed to automatically sync any changes made in the app to all of my devices but I have yet to see this happen. Is anyone else having this issue?  My desktop PC and laptop are running Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS (can't migrate to Win 10 for work reasons and not sure I'd even want to if I could ).  There isn't an app setting to see the settings for this supposed functionality and contacting Intel True Key support was a total waste of time. The tech wanted to take remote control of my machine but I was not going there. I have around 30 years of IT experience and I wasn't about to let someone who probably knows just enough to be dangerous have access to my machine much less try to hack my system registry! All he could tell me was that any changes made on one device will automatically sync to my other devices I'm logged into. Problem is, I can only stay logged into my desktop PC and laptop for a max of 7 days.  It appears True Key stays logged in on my cell and iPad unless I have to power them off and back on for some reason. Not sure why there isn't a max limit on those devices. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Every day I get more and more frustrated with the poor application design of True Key and miss McAfee SafeKey big time. Thanks in advance for any info provided.