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    EPO 3.6 Migrating to EPO 4.0

      I have a 3.6 server running in production and a 4.1 server running in production.
      Have stopped EPO services on the 3.6 server when migrating computers.

      From the 4.1 server I send an agent install (forced) to computers I want to migrate.. The agent installs and points them to the 4.0 server and all is well. This has worked for 600 computers so far with 1200 to go.

      Problem: about 75 computers of the 600 won't install the agent pushed down by 4.0. These computers are from across the org and not from one dept or area.

      One issue I'm seeing: when I push down the agent from the 4.0 server (force install) the computer receives the query but attempts to connect to the 3.6 server. With the 3.0 server services down it logs with "failed to connect" and "failed connecting to site = EPO3.0"

      So my question is --- if pushing the agent from the EPO 4.0 server why is the computer trying to connect to the old 3.6 server? What do these 75 share in common?

      Not sure why the new EPO server is not updating when the new agent installs.