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    Notification errors

      hi all

      I am using ePO 4.0 and set some notification rules to detect non complient systems, and failed update or replication of repository and they used to work untill 2 weeks a go I stoppped recieving any notifications ( I don`t beleive that every things is perfect)

      I checked the setting of the e-mail server and send a test message and I recieve it
      also I am reciveing e-mails from scheduled server tasks.

      what could be wrong
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          port blocking on port 25 perhaps?
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            do you meen from the ePO server ??
            or xchange server??:confused:
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              access protection port blocking 25 on the epo server
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                how can I check that.
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                  but I am still recieving server tasks e-mail from the server should not they also stop if server blocking port 25
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                    Ahh sorry missed the last line of your OP about still getting server task notification.

                    When you check the notification rules section they show as enabled and for any product?

                    Have you tried recreating one of them?
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                      the notification rules are enabled
                      and I select tonotify for all systems ( workstation , servers, and others)

                      I careted one to include the following products
                      -Mcafee Agent
                      -VSE 8.5

                      and the detected events are
                      - Non Complient Computer
                      - Update or Upgrade Failed
                      - Repository Update or Replication failed
                      - Database table is full

                      also I set the thresholed to notify for each and every event

                      and yes I recreate one of the notifications but still nothing happens???
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                        can you c+p the summary info for the task and also have you set thresholds or every event?
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                          This is a summary of the task I have recreated

                          Name: test
                          Defined at: My Organization
                          Priority: High
                          Status: Enabled
                          Operating systems: Workstation

                          Products: ePO Server
                          McAfee Agent

                          Categories: Access Protection rule violation detected and NOT blocked
                          Active Directory discovery failed
                          Attempt to uninstall ePolicy Orchestrator Agent
                          Audit Log purge failed
                          Buffer Overflow detected and NOT blocked
                          Database table is full
                          Non-compliant computer detected
                          On-access scan disabled
                          Policy enforcement failed
                          Repository update or replication failed
                          Scan cancelled
                          Software deployment failed
                          Software failure or error
                          Unwanted program detected and NOT removed
                          Update/upgrade failed
                          Virus detected (heuristic) and NOT removed
                          Virus detected and NOT removed
                          Virus detected and NOT removed

                          Threat name: (Any)
                          Aggregation: Send a notification for every event


                          Notifications: Email: ePO@company.com


                          And yes I have set the notification for every event.
                          also when I look at the adut log I can see that the repository replication failed but i did not recieve an e-mail sad