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    System description in ePO v4 not updating

      We are running ePO v4 and have synchronisation with AD enabled, which runs once a day.

      In the product guide it states "Active Directory synchronization - If your network runs Active Directory, you can use Active Directory synchronization to create, populate, and maintain part or all of the System Tree with Active Directory synchronization settings. Once defined, the System Tree is updated with any new systems (and subcontainers) in your Active Directory.
      Active Directory integration is enhanced with the release of ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0. In addition to previous functionality, you can now....:Use the system description, which is imported from Active Directory with the systems."

      When browsing through the system tree view I have noticed that the description column (added in the systems view) is not picking up any changes to description of the computer within AD, even though this iis imported from AD.

      I have upgraded to patch 1 and synchronised manually but this has not resolved the issue.

      Any ideas?