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    Unenroll Intel AT Technology


      Hello everyone,


      I have a ASUS ux32vd for years which comes with the Intel Anti-Theft Technology. I enrolled this service when I bought the computer then I did not this laptop for one year then I found the service is terminated. I tried a lot to unenroll this service but no success. Now I could even not get any support from both ASUS and Intel.

      During the web searching I found this community so I hope I could get some help with the unenrollment.


      Let me post esu.exe screenshot first:


      I still know everything for this account, email, phone and password. They are still working now. But the problem is I don't remember the security question answer so I was unable to unenroll.

      When this security answer was not needed to unenroll with the AT recovery tool, I keep getting the error message "No Internet Connection", as shown in following screenshot,

      Recovery Tool.PNG

      I want to give this laptop to others now so I want to deactivate the AT service. Could anyone please help me with this issue? Thanks for the help.