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    System Tree sorting?

      I read through the docs but still don't quite get how System Tree Sorting affects the clients in EPO Server 4.0.

      Under System, I have created a folder I call "SMTP Open". I have created a Policy to ensure in McAfee 8.5.0i the ports for SMTP are NOT blocked (as they are by default). I wish to put all the PCs on my network in this group that require SMTP to work.

      When I go to Move a client to this folder I get three options...
      Disable System Tree sorting on these systems
      Enable System Tree Sorting on these systems
      Do Not Change System Tree Sorting on these systems

      How does each affect my clients, in regards to inheriting the policies in the destination folder? Should I enable or disable System Tree Sorting?
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          I havent had much time to test with epo4.0 but from my understanding you can try a few things.

          first off, you can add a Tag to these specific systems on which you want to NOT block.
          ie: Tag: 'NOSTMP Block' (or something along those lines)

          Then you can apply this Tag to the specific folder. With that setup, you will want to ENABLE the System Tree sorting.

          THis way everything you add a tag of 'NOSTMP Block' will automatically be put into that folder.

          If you want to move systems manually, disable this and then move them how you please.

          This is explained in detail in the documentation