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    Issue sending mail to McAfee (mxlogic) customers -- 451 Too many connections from your IP


      We are a sender of transactional emails to individual customers.  At the beginning of this week, we suddenly saw a huge uptick in delivery issues with customers using McAfee on their mail servers.  This is the error message on each one:


      451 Too many connections from your IP - See http://mcaf.ee/8pnuo (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) (133a7575.0.506760.00-2386.883108.s12p02m062.mxlogic.net) (Mode: normal)

      We send from several different IP addresses and are receiving the same error message on all of them.  It does not seem to be one IP in particular and our IP addresses are clean.

      When a couple of the admins have added our domain to their safe list, these errors still occur.

      This seems to have come up suddenly, with no change on our side.  Any ideas on how to help get email flowing to our customers again?

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