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    SPF and SenderID with no DNS Entry


      Two questions, please...

      If SPF and Sender ID are enabled in the spam settings of a MEG mail rule, how does the MEG handle messages from a domain where there is no SPF and/or Sender ID TXT record in DNS for that particular domain (not participating)?  When it's not configured, is that considered passing the check or failing the check?  Or is it simply ignored?

      I sometimes see in the logs where SPF and/or Sender ID fail with "Mechanisms used too many DNS lookups".  I'm assuming this is occurring when the TXT record has "include" statements that continue to branch out.  How many "nested" DNS lookups for SPF and/or Sender ID occur until it is "too many"?  It looks like the general recommendation across the web is to have no more than 10 but I wondered how many the MEG actually does before giving up.

      Thank you!