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    McAfee agent 5.0.3 ASCI communication continuous


      We recently upgraded our servers from McAfee agent to  We found that on six of them (out of a few hundred) which are VM's (VMware) running W2K8 R2 Enterprise that the McAfee agent is running the ASCI communication continuously.  When viewing the agent activity in the McAfee Agent Monitor the information is filling up so fast that it is just scrolling non-stop.  Much like what is described in McAfee KB85352, however the debug logs do not show a loopback address .  Unfortunately, that KB says the solution is upgrading to 5.0.3...and that's the version we are running.  We found that in EPO the IP address for these servers is showing an IPv6 address, and we could stop the continuous communication with the EPO server when we disabled IPv6 in the network connection settings.  However, I have verified with our network engineer that we are not running IPv6 on our network. 


      Has anybody else seen the continuous ASCI communication with the 5.0.3 agent??


      VM's running W2K8 R2 Enterprise

      McAfee agent 5.0.3

      Some servers were running Move 3.6.1, some VScan w/Patch 5

      Windows updates are current

      NIC configurations are all the same except for one

      I have removed, and reinstalled the McAfee agent via EPO (5.3.1 Build 188)