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    Swapping MCP policy from ePO to SaaS Cloud


      Hi All,

      Currently testing MCP policy via ePO and wanted to know how I can swap to the cloud to allow MCP policy to be managed there. I have identical policies configured on ePO and in the SaaS cloud, so is it possible to force a seamless transition so that MCP will pick up from the cloud rather than ePO?




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          The MCP policies (.OPG files) that are created on the SaaS console do not automatically distribute to the client.

          SaaS-created policies must be manually exported and copied to the client PC.

          The only automated way to distribute the OPG file is through the McAfee Agent which connects to ePO.


          That said, there is development on what's known as Cloud ePO in which you will have your own tenant instance of ePO in the cloud and MCP polices and the McAfee Agent will be distributable to clients without the need to have your own ePO servers or Agent handlers.

          Cloud ePO exists now, but does not have the MCP component yet.

          I am not product management, so I cannot attest to dates of availability, but when this becomes available, I'm sure there will be announcements and an opportunity for beta testing.

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            Thanks for the answer. The MCP software seems to default straight to our ePO server each time which corresponds with your answer of cloud deploying policies not being available yet.


            So I think I have my answer on being able to switch to the cloud.