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    Read only for User



      i need a group for User. This group should have only the rights to see all data, views, policies (everything) but not the rights to modify, add, acknowledged or rights to change something.


      Is there a option that? I didn't find something like that i described.

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          @xded Select the group you want to have Read-Only access. Click Edit. Click Privileges. Click the box "Limit access of this group", which takes away a lot of admin type functionality.


          Typically, for my read-only accounts, I select the following:


          - Alarm User

          - Case Management User

          - Cyber Threat User

          - View Management


          Obviously, based on your needs these will not be exact. I recommend creating a temporary "dummy" account and test applying different privileges to the account until you are satisfied with the amount of access that account has, then mirror it to all desired users.