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    I like McAfee software, but...


      I like McAfee software, I did everything to use it several times, first the Antivirus Plus, can Live Safe, which comes on my pc Asus gaming notebook. But unfortunately I have to stick to the evidence. McAfee security suites hinder saints programs function properly, whether it's utilities that manage the efficient cooling of a graphics card or even some games. And each time I ended uninstalling McAfee and finally I protect with Windows and Windows Defender firewall. With that I go into the settings of internet browsers for the secure. Finally I have no problems with Windows tools and my pc are thus more reliable. Of course I remain vigilant when installing programs from the internet and from time to time I use small tools like Malwarebytes free.

      There make it a user who would have used a suite of McAfee security without the slightest problem for one year?